We make it real

by high quality computer rendered images, animations
and virtual reality.

Still images

Computer-generated imagery (CGI)

3d animations

Fly-Through/Walk-Through animations

Virtual reality

Interactive 360° Walk-Through tours


Verified Views AVRs/VVMs Helicopter & Drone footage

Highly motivated, passionate and talented team.

Indeed Studio is a team of highly-skilled professionals from the fields of architecture, design, photography, virtual animation and technology. What we do best are architectural visualisations focusing on creating narrative and atmospheric environments, thus transmitting each project’s character in a truly engaging way. Nevertheless, we do like to step out of our comfort zone and strive to test limits as we find ourselves in a continuous motion of growth as a professional team and individual experts.

There are no problems, only solutions

John Lennon


  • Always
  • London, UK
  • Upon request
  • San Francisco, US
  • Always
  • Kaunas, Lithuania
  • Always
  • Oslo, Norway
  • 11 09 2018 - 11 12 2018
  • Singapore

Lithuanian Office

Laisves al. 84B - 204,
44250 Kaunas, Lithuania
Tel. +370 6181 3950

Norwegian Office

Skaratoppen 14B,
4326 Sandnes, Norway
Tel. +47 94 01 5140

UK Office

71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden,
WC2H9JQ, London, UK
Tel. +44 77 3696 8324